Pedalera Multi Efecto Fractal FX8

Pedalera Multi Efecto Fractal FX8
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FX8 is an advanced multi-effects processor, perfect for guitar, bass, and other instruments.
“Built Like a Tank” with a powder-coated steel chassis and aircraft aluminum end panels.
Eleven quiet, durable solid state footswitches with no mechanical contacts to fail. 27 LEDs!
Two onboard TRS RELAYS to control your amp’s channel or effect switching.
Two onboard PEDAL jacks to connect footswitches or expression pedals.
FX8 can control or respond to other MIDI gear in your rig with MIDI IN and OUT/THRU ports.
Easy-to-use with a 160×80px display, 6 buttons, 5 knobs, and minimal menu diving.
128 PRESETS allow you to create 128 completely different pedalboards.
Up to eight simultaneous effects per preset, with state-of-the-art “Fractal-quality” algorithms.
Each effect can be configured as desired: Pre/Post, Series/Parallel.
“Stompbox Mode” provides traditional ON/OFF switching, plus XY switching (with press & hold).
“XY” gives many effects two completely different sets of settings for maximum sonic flexibility.
Eight SCENES/preset allow you to load effect ON/OFF and X/Y “combos” (plus relays and MIDI.)
“Modifiers” allow real-time control of many parameters via MIDI, pedals, or controllers.
Designed for UNITY GAIN (both PRE and POST) and featuring TRUE BYPASS.
High quality converters deliver ultra-low noise and pristine audio. No tone suck!
Humbuster™ outputs help defeat ground hum (when used with Humbuster™ Cables).
Built-in global IN and OUT VOLUME (pedal-assignable) & dual global 10-band Graphic EQ.
Every preset includes a built-in dedicated global 4-MINUTE LOOPER (8m in mono)
USB for connection to a Mac or PC for easy editing, backup/restore, and firmware updates.
FX8-Edit, a free editor/librarian, gives user-friendly access to all sound settings.
And more! Upgradeable firmware means the FX8 will get updates and new features.



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