Sintetizador Analogo de 4 Voces Elektron Analog Four

Sintetizador Analogo de 4 Voces Elektron Analog Four
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Elektron Analog Four - Synth Voice Features:
  • Fully analog signal path, for punchy, organic sound
  • Two analog oscillators; two sub-oscillators (variable waveshape on all oscillators)
  • Oscillator AM and Sync modes
  • One 4-pole analog lowpass ladder filter; one 2-pole analog multi-mode filter
  • One analog overdrive circuit; one noise oscillator
  • Two assignable LFOs; one dedicated vibrato LFO; two dedicated waveshape LFOs
  • One amp envelope; two assignable envelopes; two dedicated LFO fade envelopes
  • One dedicated noise fade envelope; one dedicated vibrato envelope; one dedicated autobend envelope
Six-track sequencer lets you control your entire studio efficiently

The Elektron Analog Four's sequencer sports six tracks, the first four of which are synth tracks (with each track controlling a synth voice). Track 5 is your FX track, controlling chorus, delay and reverb. Finally, you use the CV track to control the signals sent from the Analog Four's two CV/Gate outputs. Naturally, the parameters of all track types can be parameter-locked. The Elektron sequencer lets you control your analog studio in the most efficient way possible.

Dedicated CV track and four CV/Gate outputs let you control all your analog gear

You can sequence your analog gear with CV inputs using the Analog Four's dedicated CV track. The four CV/Gate outputs pass control voltages for controlling any parameter or pitch (V/oct andHz/V), Trig and Gate pulses for trigging envelopes (V-trig and S-trig), and repetitive clock pulses for syncing analog sequencers, LFOs, drum machines, and more. You can use the Analog Four's external inputs to filter external signals. You can even link the filters to form a parameter-lockable filter bank with up to eight filters (4 ladder and 4 multi-mode filters).

Elektron Analog Four - Sequencer Features:
  • Four synth tracks; one FX track; one CV/Gate track
  • 128 patterns; up to 64 step patterns
  • 128 sounds; 128 kits; 16 songs
  • Six arpeggiators; individual track lengths; swing, slide and accent functions; track transpose
  • Micro timing; parameter locks; live-friendly Performance mode
  • Sound-per-step change; Instant Pattern, Kit and Sound reload
  • Full real-time control; full MIDI support
Robust connectivity gives you flexibility in rigging up your studio

Elektron's Analog Four gives you robust connectivity so you can easily integrate it into your modern studio. The Analog Four's headphone output, two main outs, two external inputs, two dual CV/Gate outputs, USB port, and MIDI in/out/thru ports (with DIN sync out) let the Analog Four play nice with everything from legacy modular synths to Macs and PCs.

The Elektron Analog Four gives you fat, punchy sound and tons of control!

Tech Specs

Sound Engine Type(s) Analog
Polyphony 4
Number of Presets 128
Expansion Flash-EEPROM
Number of Effects 3
Effects Types Reverb, Chorus, Delay
Arpeggiator Yes
MIDI Sequencer 6 tracks (4 x synth, 1x FX, 1 x CV)
Number of Audio Inputs 2
Audio Input Types 1/4" TS
Number of Audio Outputs 2
Audio Output Types 1/4" TRS
MIDI I/O In/Out/Thru/USB
USB USB 2.0 port
Height 2.4?
Width 13.4"
Depth 6.9"
Weight 5.18 lbs.
Power Supply 12 V DC, >2 A (external)
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