Korg Monologue Sintetizador Secuenciador AZUL OSCURO

New Korg Monologue Sintetizador Secuenciador AZUL OSCURO
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Much more than two oscillators and a filter

In classic Korg fashion, the monologue starts with two oscillators and a handful of waveforms, plus waveshaping, Sync, and Ring Modulation capabilities. The built-in OLED oscilloscope shows you the results of your sound-shaping — very cool. The oscillators feed into a 2-pole filter designed specifically for the monologue, optimized for mono bass and leads. Three envelope shapes along with Attack and Decay controls provide a wide range of creative options, allowing you to create evocative pads and soundscapes in addition to rock-solid bass and lead sounds.

Analog Drive circuit adds sonic intensity

Distortion is a powerful sonic tool, and the monologue's built-in analog Drive circuit is the perfect thing for creating synth sounds that come alive. Add a bit of sizzle or full-on fuzz, it's your call. At moderate levels, the Drive circuit can add a definite sense of punch and impact without sounding overly distorted — try it on some percussion-type sounds and you'll see what we mean.

Lots of options with this LFO

The monologue's LFO section can achieve faster rates than the LFO in the Korg minilogue, and you can assign it to Pitch, Shape, or Filter Cutoff. The 1-shot LFO mode allows for creative envelope-like shaping. Two selectable LFO rate ranges allow for a vast range of modulation options.

Fully programmable analog synthesis

If there's one thing synthesists at Sweetwater love, it's knob-per-function programmability, and the monologue delivers. And while it's easy enough to shape your sounds on the fly, monologue allows you to save up to 100 programs for instant recall.

Micro Tuning and custom scales

Korg's monologue allows for separate tuning per-note, opening up the colorful world of micro tuning. Use it to emulate subtle detuning to full dissonance. And beyond the factory scales, you can save up to 12 of your own custom scales. And when you're not experimenting with alternate tunings, monologue's self-tuning circuit maintains well-tempered tuning no matter how long you play it.

Powerful 16-step sequencer with parameter locks

Creating sequences on the monologue is intuitive, and you can transpose your sequence at any time simply by pressing a key — very cool for live performance. As you'd expect from Korg, the monologue also lets you record motion sequences to capture knob movements. And by popular demand, monologue's sequencer allows for per-step parameter locks, which means you can set parameter values on a per-step basis.

Made to integrate easily with your band

Thanks to its smart keybed layout, the Korg monologue is easy to fit into a band setting. The 25-key mini-keybed ranges from E to E, instead of the common C to C. This lines you up with traditionally-tuned guitars and bass guitars, making it easy to hit low bass notes in tune with your bandmates.

Perfect for your Korg ecosystem

The monologue offers Audio Sync to connect with Korg Volcas, electribes, minilogue, and the SQ-1 sequencer. MIDI In/Out is present too, along with USB MIDI, making the monologue equally capable as a standalone synth, an element in your hardware synth rig, or as a MIDI controller for your DAW.

Built to perform, with metal chassis and rugged knobs

The curved aluminum chassis gives the monologue reassuring durability — once you get your hands on it you'll know it was made to perform. Even better, the knobs are mounted to the chassis instead of directly to the underlying circuit boards. You normally wouldn't expect to find these features on such an affordable synth, making it a serious value for any performing musician.

Korg monologue Analog Synthesizer Features:

  • Analog monophonic synthesizer with built-in 16-step sequencer
  • Save your own sounds for instant recall (ships with 80 factory presets plus 20 user locations)
  • VCO 1 offers Saw, Triangle, and Square waveforms, with waveshaping
  • VCO 2 offers Saw, Triangle, and Random waveforms, with waveshaping, Sync, and Ring Mod
  • 2-pole VCF is optimized for monophonic bass and lead sounds
  • Three Envelope Generator modes allow for creative sound shaping
  • LFO ranges from very slow to very fast, with a 1-shot mode for envelope-like modulation effects
  • Analog Drive circuit adds subtle punch and intensity to full-on distortion
  • 16-step sequencer with per-step parameter lock for creating complex, animated sequences
  • Sequences can be transposed on the fly by pressing any key
  • 25-key slim keybed, E to E for ease of use in a band setting
  • Supports Micro Tuning, with 12 user-savable scale locations
  • Auto-tuning circuit maintains rock-solid tuning stability, even when playing for hours
  • Can be powered via 6 x AA batteries or optional power supply
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